Tapestry of War

So what do you do when you’ve finished a trilogy about Spanish and French Catalonia, set in the post war years, and have built up a following of readers who share your love of the region? Well you write about something completely different, that’s what! I am delighted to announce that a long running project is reaching fruition, and my most ambitious novel yet, Tapestry of War, has jst been published by Allison and Busby, in April 2018.

The novel is set in Egypt and in Scotland during World War Two, and tells the story of two very different women, and their contributions to the war, their individual stories of survival, family, friends, and love, and the paths that eventually bring their stories together. My publishers have kindly described the book as a ‘wonderful, sweeping and utterly absorbing novel,’ and it is certainly the novel that has required the most research!

I love the name, Tapestry of War, which was suggested by a great friend who read my first draft. The book has strong international themes, and aims to show how the war brought people into contact with each other who would never otherwise have met, weaving rich threads of connections and friendship.

I’ll give you more on the plot soon, but I just wanted all my readers out there to prepare themselves for a complete change! If you’ve enjoyed the Catalonia trilogy, then you have a love of people and their utterly absorbing cultures, and I think you’ll love Tapestry of War even more.